No one likes to hear “You messed up!” especially when it comes from your spouse or business partner.  Yet on a weekly basis we hear unfortunate stories where people could have saved heartache and/or money if they had a single source trusted agent.  Even if anyone is yet to tell you “You messed up!” consider these situations before it happens.

“I have one agent do my home.  I have another agent do my auto.”

“I have one agent insure this business entity.  I have another agent insure this other business entity.”

“I have one agent insure my business. I have another agent insure my home.”

“I have one agent do my business auto.  I have another agent do my business property and liability.”

While I understand relationships can be complicated let’s explore wisdom at large and some considerations to make when you have more than one agent.

You may be missing out on multi policy discounts

Many insurance companies now offer significant discounts for home & auto and even when personal and commercial insurance policies are linked together

You may be complicating billing

Don’t forget about your costs (and installment fees) but let’s not make paying bills a hassle

You may be missing out on better coverage

Mono-line policies can have restricted protection whereas packaged accounts can enhance your overall protection

You may be making your future claim more expensive

Packaged policies with a single carrier can reduce your future costs.  For example, a property fire that damages your building and auto – a single deductible (with one carrier) is less costly than two deductibles (with two separate carriers)

You may be buying duplicate coverage that is making insurance more expensive

Don’t overpay and cost yourself thousands of dollars over years of insurance buying

You may be making communication more cumbersome for yourself

Claims, coverage questions, or billing communication with a single source agent will save time and future frustration

You may be spending your valuable time inefficiently

A single source agent is your professional shopper, your professional adviser, and gives you peace of mind that is invaluable

You may not be an insurance professional

As easy as insurance buying sounds from the TV commercials the truth is that insurance can get very complex very quickly

A single source trusted independent insurance agency is the place to start.

Jeremy HydeColligan & Company

When Captive Agents like State Farm | AllState | Farmers | American Family Insurance | USAA | AAA | GEICO | MetLife can not be a single source trusted adviser.