Why consider Umbrella Insurance?

Your 4:00 meeting went late.  It’s raining.  And you were supposed to pick up your son 15 minutes ago.   

On your way out of your office you had to turn around twice to get something you forgot. 

You hurry to your car in the rain; take a deep breath, buckle up, and are headed out.  

You call out “OK Google” to text your wife that you are on the way. 

  1. Then at the oncoming yellow light you slam on your brakes to stop in time.  The car behind you does not. 
  2. Then at the oncoming yellow light you turn left to beat the light.  The oncoming truck does not see you. 
  3. Then at the oncoming yellow light you make a quick right turn, but you do not see the individual scrambling across the street. 

Sometimes you cannot pick what happens to you or to an employee in your company vehicle.  And it can impact your wealth and/or health for the rest of your life. 

No one thinks it will happen to them.   

Murphy’s Law does not have to take place on a rainy day or when we are running late.  The truth is that we live in an imperfect world and despite our best efforts, planning, and safety precautions there will be trouble.

If you have the same limits of insurance you had 10 years ago consider inflation, consider increased medical & legal costs, and consider your assets & future income are at stake. 

Protect the financial security you work so hard to afford your loved ones and consider an umbrella policy and its different components that are available with a trusted adviser. 

Jeremy Hyde | Colligan & Company