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Home Insurance Section

Since your last review . . .

Have you increased the square footage of your home?
Have you had any work completed at your home such as a patio, deck, outbuilding, or swimming pool? Or completed over $5,000 in renovations within your home?
Has your mortgage or line of credit status changed?
Has the property been converted into a Trust or LLC?
Do you have a burglar and/or fire alarm that’s monitored by someone else?
Have you converted part of your home into an apartment or temporary rental space?
Have you acquired a second home, vacant land, or other property?
Have you acquired a boat?
Do you have any valuable jewelry, equipment, or items that you would like to add to the scheduled items on your policy?
Do you have a child away at college?
Are you interested in flood or earthquake coverage?
Do you have any additional land or property?

Auto Insurance Section

Are all insured autos titled in you or your spouse’s name?
Do we currently insure all autos in your household?
Do any of your autos contain customized equipment?
Have you acquired a camper trailer or motorhome?
Have any autos been paid off?
Have you acquired minibikes, mopeds, motorcycles, atv’s, or snowmobiles?

NOTE: This is not your insurance policy. You must refer to your insurance policy for coverage. If you have any questions please allow us to help.

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