It’s that time of year!  The sun is out, summer plans are being made, and pool companies like Hillside Pools, Nierman Pools, Olympia Pools, Tredway Pools, and others are out re-opening pools! Those of us with pools know and appreciate the great evenings at the pool, eating, swimming, and being with loved ones.  This is also the time of year to set expectations to family and friends that may be using your pool. With the pool fun comes the responsibility.  Your planning and preparation for this fun season is for the care and safety of those you love.


  • Establish and create your own list of safety rules.  Then communicate it to your guests.
  • Learn basic water rescue skills including first aid and CPR training.
  • Store chemicals in a secure location that cannot be accessed or knocked over.
  • Be aware that kids (and yes, adults too) can
    get very excited and out of control at pool parties.  Do not hesitate to curtail activities if you have doubts about the safety of others.
  • Talk with your trusted insurance agent.  Coverage needs to right for your situation. Insurance does not improve safety, but you need to properly secure your financial assets through your homeowners insurance policy.
    • Make sure you have enough protection to cover the pool itself if it is damaged in a storm or other disaster.  This can also include pool mechanical equipment and other related pool items such as toys and outdoor furniture.
    • Make sure your limits for liability insurance are sufficient.  We recommend every homeowner carry at least $500,000 in personal liability coverage.  If your financial assets are higher, we strongly recommend an umbrella policy.

Practical Pool Precautions

  • Install a fence with self-closing gates on all sides of the pool.  Take advantage of a plethora of gadgets from locks, alarms, and safety covers that can help keep everyone safe.
  • Install non-skid surfaces on diving boards and wet areas.
  • Have your pool company do an inspection of diving boards, slides, rails, and mechancial equipment.
  • Supervision is vital.  Never leave children unsupervised.  Stats from CDC:
    • 69% of drowning incidents occurred when parental supervision was absent and the pool was easily accessible.
    • Drowning in private pools is the 2nd leading cause of death for teenagers.
    • Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates
  • Watch the weather – Do not swim during lightning storms!
  • Do not allow electrical devices/cords near the pool or around wet areas.
  • Use plastic drinkware around the pool – this will minimize the risk of bare feet stepping on broken glass, as well as protect your pool liner from damage

Plan and take precautions, then enjoy yourself!  Make the best of memories!

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