Collector Car Insurance

Do you own a classic, collector, sports or antique vehicle?

Colligan & Company can help you better understand and cover your collector car. It’s a unique asset and your collector car deserves specialized advice and coverage. Most vehicles depreciate over time, however, due to your care and limited use Colligan has carriers that will offer specialized coverage and substantial discounts.

When you have a vehicle as unique as you—you need specialty car insurance, here is why:

Agreed Value – Most vehicles are insured on a “stated value.” This means you tell the insurer how much your car is worth but they pay whatever is less between that amount or an actual cash value (depreciated value). Specialty car insurance will pay on an agreed value basis. This means the insurance carrier will pay based on the value both you and the carrier have mutually agreed on.

Lower Premiums – When done right, classic and collector car premiums are significant lower than standard policies. Specialty carriers understand these cars are highly valued by their owners and used with great care.

Claims Handling – There is no sense in rolling the dice, work with experienced specialty claim adjusters to repair your vehicle the right way.

Valuation Tools – Not sure how much your car is worth? We can help you determine the proper value of your classic or collector car.

Mutliple Carrier Options – The Independent advantage – Hagerty, Cincinnati, AutoOwners, Nationwide are a few options we consider!


When you have specialty car policy for your special car it is a win-win.  Better rates.  Better coverage.  Better coverage for your collector car.

Are you interested in properly protecting your collector car?  Contact us now.