Commercial Insurance

“You Messed Up!”​ | Possible Mistakes If You Have Multiple Insurance Agents

No one likes to hear “You messed up!” especially when it comes from your spouse or business partner.  Yet on a weekly basis we hear unfortunate stories where people could have saved heartache and/or money if they had a single source trusted agent.  Even if anyone is yet to tell you “You messed up!” consider [...]

What to do after an Automobile Accident: A Guide

Most people do not expect to be in an auto accident that day, however being prepared is a great way to know what to do if an auto accident does happen to you or a loved one.Safety FirstRemain claimIs everyone OK in your vehicle?Are you in a safe place? If not, move your vehicle to [...]

Home Based Business Insurance

  There are over 30,000,000 home based businesses in the United States.1  These people are brave, creative, and doers that make a difference in the lives around us.  Often they are leaders and engage life in a way most of us just do not.  They transform industries, communities, and inspire many of us to pursue [...]

Attention Advisers, Coaches, Consultants…. | You are on the hook.

You are the consummate professional.  You have life and business experiences that matter.  You breathe energy into others.  You contribute.  You network.  You hustle.  You bring value that is unique and helpful.  You make others better. You are on the hook. Professional negligence (actual or alleged) is not covered on a standard insurance policy (see [...]

Property Insurance | Valuation

Homes and commercial buildings can be a significant portion of your assets and/or a critical piece of income generation.  Maintaining quality property insurance is an important component that can assist in your long term financial stability or if done poorly can dampen your future goals.  If you have real property get it insured in a [...]

Workers Compensation Decoded in 3. 2. 1.

workers compensation photo Workers Compensation can frustrating, irritating, and downright painful to the bottom line of a business. Most businesses with an employee are required by the State of Indiana to have a workers compensation policy so this subject can make businessowners feel backed into a corner. The reality is that Worker Compensation is meant to [...]