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Our agency started an insurance blog on topics we run into on a daily basis.  As always, this is an invitation to discussion and conversation with you.  We invite you to connect with us

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Property Insurance | Valuation

Homes and commercial buildings can be a significant portion of your assets and/or a critical piece of income generation.  Maintaining quality property insurance is an important component that can assist [...]

Umbrella Insurance

Why consider Umbrella Insurance? Your 4:00 meeting went late.  It’s raining.  And you were supposed to pick up your son 15 minutes ago.    On your way out of your [...]

Workers Compensation Decoded in 3. 2. 1.

Workers Compensation can frustrating, irritating, and downright painful to the bottom line of a business. Most businesses with an employee are required by the State of Indiana to have a workers compensation [...]

The Independent Advantage

What’s the difference between a “State Farm” agency versus a local independent insurance agency? Let’s start from the beginning.  State Farm is a captive insurance company that uses captive agencies.  A captive agency can generally [...]